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In addition dungy coat he wore still bundled clay, so I grabbed him and pushed into the tub, where I showered over his protests. I do not understand it, the left hand does not listen and is ripe for an operation. At that moment I completely forgot it, because I saw red. In a rage, I poured him a shower gel that would not flush and I scolded dog and myself that I had not thought ahead to prepare everything – dog shampoo and mom to get me a dog at least held. He smelled like wet and it was not just a dog, but even I, a bathroom and everything around.

When I finally everything just barely finished, he wipes the dog and myself and several floors from the top to the bottom, because all the time shaked itself and ran down the stairs as confused, I found that different parts of the body hurt me with even greater intensity. At the moment I was spirited to Jura.

Well, when a man grabs amok …

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I did not wonder because she does not feel or what they should feel. And yet, once he had his nose as radar and felt many a smell like some Japanese.

I started to look for the source of a strange odor, but where nothing, nothing here. Once I felt it there, the second time there, but God, I could not figure out where that line. Until then, I realized that the odor associated with Zeryk. Yes, half an hour before I was parking the car and the dogs – a giant bowl and  Zeryk I let run. Surely he had to roll in dung at a nearby cowshed.

And while this finding me grabbing amok. I started chasing the dog in an attempt to throw him into the tub, but fled outside. I caught him up in a tub of water. Although until now I felt as weak as now I had the strength for two. Keeping the dog in one hand, I tried a second dip a watering can into the barrel until I finally managed to get water and douse the dog himself. Squeak, growling and barking, eventually I snatched me and ran to the other end of the garden, where he began to burrow into the hole probably for this purpose prepared in advance. It took me quite a long time before I lured him back inside.

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